Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire

Persimmon Homes (Wessex)

PFA Consulting undertook the design of the main infrastructure drainage serving a large town expansion scheme at Westbury Leigh in Wiltshire, involving around 1,300 dwellings. The drainage design involved the use of sustainable drainage systems to replicate as closely as possible the natural drainage before development.

The drainage solution involved the design of two sewer networks, which include the provision of oversized sewers, two large ponds, and flow control devices to attenuate surface water runoff and ensure the outflow to the nearby watercourse is controlled to mimic natural drainage as closely as possible. The ponds reduce pollutants and, with the associated landscaping, contribute to the enhanced amenity value of the developed area as well as provide environmental benefits such as wildlife habitat and biodiversity betterment.

PFA Consulting carried out the drainage design using Micro Drainage's WinDes® software system, prepared the detailed drawings, obtained all necessary approvals from the relevant authorities, and supervised the construction works on-site.

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Westbury Leigh