Devizes Traffic Model

Wiltshire Council

Following the recent building of a micro-simulation transport model of Chippenham, PFA Consulting and SIAS were commissioned by Wiltshire Council to build a micro-simulation traffic model of Devizes as part of the Council's Core Strategy process. The model was built with the S-Paramics software and 3-hour weekday morning and evening peak periods were modelled.

As with all model building it was necessary to collect up-to-date data. A range of surveys were carried out including vehicle turning counts, queue length surveys and journey time surveys. To collect origin/destination data automatic number plate recognition cameras were used with the strictest confidentiality maintained.

The 2011 'base year' model performs exceptionally well against standard DfT validation criteria. It provides a good representation of the existing situation and has allowed the Council to test future development scenarios.

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Devizes Traffic Model