Cheltenham Office Park


Planning permission for a mixed use development comprising circa 7,600m2 of Class B1 office space and 6,900m2 of Class A1 food store was granted by Cheltenham Borough Council in July 2010. PFA Consulting assessed the transport impacts of the proposed mixed use development and produced a comprehensive Transport Assessment (TA) in support of the planning application.

The traffic impact of the proposed development was based on outputs from the Central Severn Vale (CSV) SATURN Traffic Model in accordance with the Modelling Protocol of Gloucestershire County Council and the Highways Agency. Detailed junction capacity analysis was completed using specialist computer software and measures to mitigate the traffic impact were proposed as appropriate.

Infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists and local bus passengers accessing the offices and food store was designed and approved by the highway authority. PFA Consulting also prepared Travel Plans for both the offices and food store encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transport.

An ASDA store has been constructed on the site which opened in September 2011.

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Cheltenham Office Park