ASDA, Kingsway, Gloucester


A planning application for a new ASDA foodstore (circa 2,500m2) at Kingsway, Gloucester, was submitted to Gloucester City Council in April 2012. PFA Consulting assessed the transport impacts of the proposed foodstore and produced a comprehensive Transport Assessment (TA) which was submitted with the application. The TA demonstrated that the proposed access design would accommodate predicted future traffic. Additionally, besides catering for shoppers travelling by car, the access arrangements to the store have been designed for ease of use by pedestrians, cyclists and local bus passengers.

A micro-simulation traffic model (S-Paramics) was also built and shown at the public consultation event to demonstrate to local residents how the operation of the surrounding highway network would operate with the proposed foodstore.

A Travel Plan was also produced which set out a strategy to help reduce travel by car for employees and shoppers.

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